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and while I’m spamming this blog

For anybody who got into the fandom recently, last September we had a Gunnerkrigg Fan Week where everybody took the time to make art and pimp out the comic to other people (here’s the tag for it).

I know the fandom’s grown a lot since then, and since this blog has ~570 followers (!!!) I feel like I could ask this here: do we want to do it again next month?


Is it still Gunnerkrigg apreciation week?  Because, I have previously mentioned my love of GC.

If you haven’t checked out Gunnerkrigg Court by Tom Siddell, DO SO!  Volume 3 was recently released in bookstores, so you can check out a physical book too.


Belated Gunnerkrigg Court’s Fanart Week contribution.

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Celebrating Gunnerkrigg Court week belatedly with some fan art. Done instead of finishing my two assignments due in the the next two days. Good Work, self.


It’s that Donlan girl and that robot again! For Gunnerkrigg Fanart Week. In my timezone I am already late though. =3= I actually have a few more in mind but I ran out of time. :E NEXT YEAR MAYBE LOL

I haven’t seen much Kat fanart, and I in totally loving the whole “She Died And We Did Nothing” thing (whatever it is) and the fact that the robots see Kat as an angel. It feels sad, somehow, and sweet of the robots.

Those wings were a huge pain to design. And I fail at composition. I am devestated that I wasn’t able to include those kickass red stripes on Robot’s pants. TAT

P.S. If it looks familiar to Portal fans… Yeah somehow the wall murals just burned itself in my head and replicated itself onto this one creative work I did. Portal is awesome so all arguments are invalid.

Gunnerkrigg Court belongs to Tom Siddell.

(I think I blab too much)

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So I think I missed Gunnerkrigg Appreciation Week but w/e w/e.

Because Xiakha told me to draw these two, I did. <easily influenced>


So I heard that this week was Gunnerkrigg fanart week. Well, I couldn’t resist. It was hard to choose, but I felt that the best choice would be our two main girls: Annie and Kat. =)


Here’s a slightly belated entry for Gunnerkrigg Court Fanart week. Surprise, a minor flashback character! 

Steadman is another someone I’m dying to learn more about, because it seems like Jeanne trusted him, yet it also seems he killed her on command without much remorse. I decided to do a quick doodle of him in his archer costume as he prepares to fire the arrow and sacrifice Jeanne.

(My original entry was Jones and Eglamore, but it turned out kinda crappy. Too bad ‘cause Jones is my favorite GK character…)


Fanart | Jack in some static noise (Gunnerkrigg Court); 18-09-11. Jack © Tom Siddell.
Media: Manga Studio EX 4. A somewhat late doodle drawn for Gunnerkrigg Court Fanart Week! Jack is the kind of character I really hated at first but started to really like as the story progressed. Mr. Siddell is a great storyteller.

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