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Some creepy fan art of the creepy Coyote from the mysteriously wonderful web comic, Gunnerkrigg Court.


Yeah water color stuffz


Lucy meets a cool dog in the woods


Random sketches while waiting for Gunnerkrigg Court to update.


On Saturday and Sunday I didn’t have a lot to do at the artist booth, so I went ahead and started another project I’ve been wanting to do for awhile. This here is Coyote, as interpreted by Gunnerkrigg Court. He’s always been my favorite character, with his sassy smooth-talking and incorporeal shapeshifting. I’m not entirely pleased with the teeth, so I may change those when I go back in to tweak him a bit more.

Here’s a random con-goer included for size reference!


Three Brothers


Reynard is probably not supposed to have the Antimony symbol since he’s not in his trapped-in-wolf-doll form but WHO CARES

Pencil sketch, shading & tinkering in GIMP


whoops looks like I reposted this separately too wow what a coincidence!!

wow man that is still entirely too many eyes, ok

the whole pile of sketchy crap is on my dA if anyone cares (see how shoddy my linework is in full detail!!!)

NEW PAGE 9/23/13: "Off to continue hunting."

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