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Anonymous asked: Hello there, I'd like to gather opinions on some things and I hope you (and/or the community) could help me with it! The latest interlude of Gunnerkrigg Court was mindblowing. 1) Is it morally okay to animate it? 2) If yes, rave music has been requested, but I don't know what to use. I'd ask Tom himself, but I don't know if I'd be able to actually complete animating it yet. :S Thank you very much! :3

Hello anon! I don’t have much experience with this kind of thing- I would say if you were to do it, ask Tom over twitter or formspring first, and if he says yes you could do it as long as it’s not for profit. 

As for my lovely followers (625 last time I checked. I feel like I should do a giveaway or something but I’ve…never had the money for GC merch), any ideas or other pieces of advice?

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